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We are so glad you found! Here, you can join with fellow Americans to PROMOTE LIBERTY and OPPOSE EMPIRE by organizing economically. The r3VOLution's message of FREEDOM and RESPECT extends far beyond politics, and this project knows no political boundaries. PEACE, PROSPERITY, and LIBERTY can be achieved by voluntary cooperation if we channel our gifts and resources responsibly.

Featured Listing - The Project Camelot Channel
The Project Camelot Channel is one of the largest free movie channels on the internet with over 220 films, interviews and lectures covering key political and economic topics of the day in support of free thinkers everywhere.

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Looking for a Job or Need to Hire?

Where you work matters. Your most precious resources are your time and creative talents. Are you giving them away to greedy corporations that profit from war, surveillance, the destruction of small business, or the degradation of our food supply and medical system? You don't have to be part of that! RYP members can post Job Opening and Job Seeker listings that help us find and work with others who want to contribute positive production to society.

Promote Your Business!

For businesses who want to create a listing on this site, we ask only that you provide a statement of support for the principles of liberty and free markets that are the heart and soul of the r3VOLution. We will approve listings for all businesses who do not lobby for and benefit from government funding and regulation that stifle healthy competition. Some businesses may even choose to display the RYP icon on their home page or storefront, and instructions are provided for doing so. Simply Register for a RYP user account and then create your listing(s). Each listing must be approved by an RYP administrator, so please allow up to 24 hours for your listing to appear in the search results.

What's the Point?

If you are in the market for tile, searching for a plumber, or looking for any good or service, search here first, and be confident that your barter, bitcoins, gold, silver, or Federal Reserve Notes are going to businesses that support liberty and not into the hands of monopoly capitalists and war profiteers. One of the original, most important, and EFFECTIVE acts of defiance in the American Revolution was the dumping of tea into Boston Harbor. Gandhi made a similar stand with salt. Commerce is the lifeblood of society, and your labor and consumption are the loudest expressions of what kind of society you really want.

We hope this project will accomplish several things:

• Increase the volume of business to merchants who support liberty and fair, peaceful commerce
• Increase exposure to the r3VOLution's message of freedom and respect for human dignity
• Give Americans an outlet to vote with their commerce and circumvent election fraud
• Encourage the use of gold, silver, bitcoins, and barter as alternatives to Federal Reserve Notes
• Drain support away from bloated, greedy corporations that have grown to dangerously unnatural sizes
• Unite supporters for freedom across the traditional left-right political boundaries that keep us divided

Questions About Using Gold & Silver?

The Constitution of the United States of America specifies that only gold and silver should be used to coin money, and that the responsibility of coining money should lie solely with the United States Treasury. How, then, did we get to a point where a private bank (the Federal Reserve) creates the legal tender of our country? Real US Dollars are made of gold and silver and are still officially issued by the Treasury. The face value of a 1 oz Silver American Eagle is One Dollar, and yet it costs almost 50 Federal Reserve Notes to buy one on eBay. What? The face value of a 1 oz Gold American Eagle is Fifty Dollars, and yet it costs over 1500 Federal Reserve Notes to buy one. WHAT??? If you want to learn more about this issue and how we can legally use gold and silver for commerce, please read the following article written by a member of the RYP team:
Tune In, Turn On, Cash Out (Of The Dollar Economy) With Gold & Silver Legal Tender Commerce

Want to get involved? The process is simple:

(1)   Register for a user account
(2)   Click on My Listings and then click [New Listing] to create/edit your listing(s)
(3)   Allow 24 hours for listing approval

If you choose, show your support for The r3VOLution by posting our RYP Button on your business's web site.

Here is the code:

Also feel free to contact us. We appreciate knowing how the experience was for both customers and businesses.

    Please note:
This web site is a grassroots effort to prevent the return of feudalism and is not associated with any business or political campaign.